Evaluating Website Design

The ACLS online . Certification page could improve it’s design by not only having the Eastern time,but also all the other times in the U.S. Some of the customers do not want to spend to much time trying to figure out the Eastern time. They should also add more social media links. Now a days, everyone is using Instagram and Twitter. Using these apps could get more people involved to look at this website and what you guys are about.

You and web design

I really like CareerStep’s medical coding and billing program links to an external site page because they prove everything that make them a trustful and helpful industry. They have plenty of videos showing people describing the company and what they do. They also have great reviews from other customers having a 5 star rating on some. This design has great access to everything on the homepage. One of things I like what they focus on is if this company is right for someone. They don’t throw a comment saying how they this company is right for everyone. They have a way to get you interested by having a feeling of making the right choice choosing this company to support you. This company gets you feeling that it is right for you.